The Caitlin John Difference

A Registered Investment Advisory firm, Caitlin John, LLC is a private wealth management firm with its corporate office located in Brighton, Michigan. As a fee-only asset management advisory firm we have a strong vested interest in our clients success. We work hand in hand with individual and institutional investors focusing on both capital appreciation and income strategies utilizing advanced risk management techniques.

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Investors Can Do Better

Caitlin John Private Wealth Management is proud to offer top tier dynamic investing to our clients. We firmly believe this investment methodology optimizes clients’ risk exposure and minimizes volatility versus more traditional investment methodologies championed by modern portfolio theory. The benefits of Smarter investing with Caitlin John include the ability to fluctuate between cash and hedging vehicles to protect profits and principal from bear markets, fee based asset management with no hidden fees, and total transparency.

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A Smarter Way to Invest

Clients enjoy a powerful investment solution for their portfolios powered by A Smarter Way to Invest, an institutional registered investment advisory firm employing rules-based formulaic investing. A Smarter Way to Invest investments are constantly evaluated and repositioned to be in accordance with the VAPR trend identification algorithm. Portfolios are allocated into models spanning the risk/reward and hedge spectrums to meet your cash flow, risk tolerance, and legacy goals.

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Green Office

In a continuing effort to become a greener office, we have implemented paper-use reduction policies and energy saving hardware.. Learn more about why we made these changes.